Storage container


The SC PRO SERIES is the work horse of The S.A.F.E. Company quick build flat pack product line. All components are completely man portable and can be carried into locations with restricted access.  The SC PRO SERIES is designed to be stacked three high in a warehouse and moved at full capacity.  The SC PRO SERIES  can be custom ordered with a number of options to suit the user’s needs including powder coating, wheel receivers,  double doors, shelving, vandal bar and connector kit. Available in a large range of colors to match your company’s brand. The SC PRO SERIES combines light weight with the strength needed to be our most versatile container.


  • Full 7 year warranty
  • Quick build design allows for fast & easy tool free setup in minutes by two people.
  • Container  panels are made of  (0.8 mm)22 guage galvanized steel and powder coated(optional) for maximum durability.
  • The chassis frame is made of 1.5 mm  galvanized steel with built in forklift guides and sheeted with .75″ (18 mm) OSB.
  • Floor load of 500 kg/m2 (100 psf) evenly distributed.
  • Snow load of 250 kg/m2 (50 psf) evenly distributed.
  • Single door 1250 mm (50 inches) wide with several lock options.
  • Flat-packed delivery (stacked 8 high) saves freight charges.
  • Multi point delivery system with forklift guides, lifting hooks and man portable allow for containers to be deployed almost anywhere.
  • Several door options are available, single or double end or side doors as well as any combination.
  • Sizes available lengths are 40″, 7′, 10′, 13′, 16′ and 20’long.
  • Options 
  • Powder Coating
  • Wheel Receivers and D-rings
  • Self Storage Lock
  • Vandal Bar
  • Heavy Lift Kit
  • Shelving Sets
  • Connector kits (side and end)
  • Double doors


  • Quick build model is simple and fast, tool free assembly in minutes with 2 people; saving time and money.


  • Flat-packed delivery, saves freight charges.
  • Or,
  • Delivered pre-assembled, ready for use.